Bullseye Mobile Permanent Windshield Repair

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Durham/Chapel Hill: (919) 740-6517

How much does it cost?

Typical repair cost is $70

Additional repairs to the same windshield @ $10 each

What can be repaired?

chip on a windshield Damages up to the size of a quarter are routine. Repairs for even larger damages are often possible.

Additional Information:
  • Average windshield repair takes 30 minutes

  • Windshield must be very dry

  • The vehicle can be driven immediately after repairs are made

  • Bullseye offers a Lifetime Guarantee. The repair will not fail.

Why repair that chip?

  • Repair costs a "fraction" of replacement
  • The factory seal will not be disturbed
  • Repairs are done in about 30 minutes
  • Bullseye repairs your windshield at your location - home or work
  • Most insurance companies pay the full cost of repair and waive the deductible.
  • (Call us before calling your insurance company. We can assist in billing your insurance company.)
Cracked windshield

Don't delay repair of that rock chip/star in your windshield! Small chips often become long cracks*!

Contact us today!

*Bullseye doesn't replace cracked windshields

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